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Session Fee: Session fee must be paid in full when booking. This fee will secure your session date and time. This fee is non-refundable. *
Archival and Reordering: All images will be archived 60 days following your Ordering Session. To order images from archive, a $50 archival fee is due. These images will be available on an online gallery for 5 days. Please note: Brittany Brooks Photography takes all reasonable measures to ensure safety of your digital files. However, due to the nature of digital files, we cannot guarantee their accessibility following archival. *
Digital Images: If digital images are purchased, you will receive a print release agreement that allows you to reprint any images for personal use. All photographs created by Brittany Brooks Photography are copyright protected. It is a violation of federal copyright law to copy, scan, or allow photographs created by Brittany Brooks Photography to be reprinted, duplicated, digitally reproduced, copied, scanned, or altered (digitally or otherwise), without the express written consent of Brittany Reynosa, owner of Brittany Brooks Photography. You also agree not to authorize any reproductions of this image for commercial use. *
Model Release: I authorize Brittany Brooks Photography to use any and all photographs from our session. I understand that Brittany Brooks Photography may use the photographs for promotional purposes; including but not limited to: advertising and marketing, brochures, and in electronic media for an unlimited time period. I also understand that I will not receive any compensation, payment, or any other remuneration for the use or publication of any photographs. *
Fresh 48 Films: The editor (Brittany) has creative control of the music, audio, and video clips for the film. The client is allowed up to three (3) rounds of revision of music and editing style of the video within the first week. Each revision can take up to one week to complete. If more than three changes are needed, client will pay an additional editing fee of $250.00. Music licensing is for personal use only. Client may not reproduce, alter, and/or redistribute the work as their own. Films will be delivered from a Vimeo link and a customized USB with your babies name and date of birth engraved on the front (with your images). Your film will be in 1080p for you to download and save. You will not receive any unedited footage. *
Proofing: Editing normally takes approximately 3-5 weeks due to the volume of proofs. All images are given individual attention and are corrected for color balance, density, contrast, etc. The Photographer is granted complete artistic control over the proofing and editing of all images. All proofs shall be provided to the Client as described above. The Photographer takes great care in editing each individual image and the quality is important; scanning or altering an image depreciates its value and along with it, the Photographer’s reputation. All work, product and proofs captured from a birth story are copyrighted and protected under intellectual property rights held exclusively by Brittany Reynosa and Brittany Brooks Photography. While all packages include full resolution digital images, Brittany Reynosa and Brittany Brooks Photography maintain copyright. A limited release will be provided to the client for printing purposes. Alteration or scanning of any proof without written release is a violation of copyright laws. *
Taxes: Please note, by Texas law, Brittany Brooks Photography is required to collect state sales tax on services and products. *